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Grading / Pricing

There are 27 DIFFERENT price guides
(notice:guides, not Bibles).

I price by taking the high and low prices and splitting them according to how many times I have seen them or been asked about them in the last 35 years of collecting, buying, selling or trading in REAL stores like mine or conventions, not auctions or thrift store bins or wannabees.

I play grade as much as possible and everything is very good or better or I will tell you in cases of EXTREME rarity that are priced until a better copy can be found IF you ever find one at all again.

If you are an extreme cover freak type of person, I will give you the best description possible, but unless you are paying for the rare COVER (as in Beatles Butcher et. al.) do not get too crazy on me because if the cover was totally destroyed I would not buy it anyway as I realize that is one of the differences of 'why vinyl' over cd's, however, you do not PLAY the cover, so again, let's get 'real' up to a point.

(see 'Why Vinyl' for more info)