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Why Vinyl????

In a short paragraph I cannot do this subject justice as CD's next to my first ex-wife, Vietnam, and 9/11 are the worst things ever to hit Planet Earth (at least in my life time).

However....until I get some sort of condensed version of the FACTS, not opinions, for you to read on this site somehow, let's first and foremost go SOUND. Analogue to digital just won't cut it unless done VERY carefully (read:note by note, bar by bar measure by measure) and CD reads more mids than you've ever heard but your lows and highs cannot be sampled by the computer when CDs are produced. Not to mention most of the masters of records made in the 50's and 60's don't even EXIST anymore especially by the small labels. Very simple comparison with a good cartridge and matching speakers.....play the vinyl and CD of the same recording (in very good or better shape of course) then hit the button on your amp to switch back and forth from CD to phono.

Second, the art work, inserts, liner notes (if any on a CD), labels that you don't have to read with a magnifying glass.

Third....think about it. If they make 5000 cassettes and 5000 CDs and 500 LPs, which one will sound better AND go up in value?? Forced obsolesence by the greed of the "record" companies. And don't give me the crap about you can't play vinyl in your car. That's what burners and cassette recorders are for after you buy the vinyl!!!! Bottom line???? Vinyl is your better sound and collector value all the way around. CDs suck. And this paragraph is already too long!!!! (LOL)