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Updated: 6/23/2017

Website: AmericanPieRecords.com              Email: vinyldr@aol.com

For those of you who don’t know me, I am an avid music lover, seller and trader for decades.  I especially collect the Kingston Trio, John Stewart and Harry Chapin.  Please contact me if you have ANY kind of memorabilia for these artists, as I’m always looking to add to my collection.  I am interested in vinyl ONY (LPs, unless noted; and stereo original pressings preferred, but will consider mono) for the sound items, except for those starred ** pieces below (which I understand are on a dang CD.  DO NO send me auction lists – either you know what you have and what you want for it, or you don’t.  SINGLE STARS (*) ARE FIRST PRIORITY – NOT CDs!!!



* SURF/HOT ROD MUSIC – Looking especially for the items below, but let me know what else you have (all priority).

Adrian and the Sunsets – Breakthrough (Sunset label STEREO C/V release only)

Centurions – Surfer’s Pajama Party OR Bruce Johnston Surfing Band STEREO ONLY (12 cuts) and MUST have Centurions inside the Surfer’s Pajama Party (DelFi 1228)

Los Coronas

Los Straightjackets – Sing Along With, Encyclopedia of Sound Vol. 1 & 2, Play Favorites



* The Dirtiest of Them Dirty Blues (Zu Zazz 2009 (Canadian)

* CATAMOUNT LABEL – I Dig Acapella (900)

** Million Dollars Worth of DooWop (Live Gold 7014) – only on CD

* Northwest Collection (Etiquette 018)



Sonics/Wailers Galaxies – Merry Christmas (Etiquette ETLAB 025 or re-issue)

Stars at Christmas (Time Music Int. Ltd)



Stray Cats – Sixteen Candles Live in Helsinki, 1989 Blast Off

Paladins – Steppin’ Out

BOX SETS – Gene Vincent (Capitol), Bear Family Sun Country Years (really only need inside book)


KINGSTON TRIO – Sunny Side (with TWELVE cuts – count ‘em!!)  It’s probably unlabeled (but the extra song will be either Woody’s Song or Folksinger’s Song), The World Needs a Melody



Animals – 1st (MGM)

Allman Brothers – Idylwild South, 1st

* Beach Boys – Pet Sounds (NO Duophonic)

* Beck, Jeff –Crazy Legs

* Black Sabbath – Masters of Reality with poster (originals only), Heaven and Hell, 1st

Bowie, David – whatchagot???


* Butterfield, Paul – first two

* Canned Heat – Hooker and Heat (with John Lee Hooker)

* Cash, Johnny – American Outtakes (what else ya got?)

Charles, Ray – Genius Loves Company

Chicago – Best of 3

* Circus Maximus – 2nd LP


Cooper, Alice – School’s Out, Pretties for You (original and complete issue only), Billion Dollar Babies

Country Joe and the Fist – Greatest, Fixin’ to Die with game (what else ya got?)

* Cymande

* Dire Straits – On Every Street

Fleetwood Mac – Best of (WB), Rumors

* Giants – on UA label

* Godley Crème

* Hawkwind – especially Warrior on Edge of Time

* Honeycombs – Have I the Right (STEREO VEEJAY ONLY)

King Crimson – what do you have – Discipline (Red LP???)

Kinks – Kinks Size, Kronikles, Village Green Preservation, Something Else, Come Dancing, Face to Face, Muswell Hillbillies

* Led Zeppelin – Albums 1 through 4, Physical Graffiti (originals ONLY)

* London, Julie – Yummy Yummy Yummy

Malo – especially first album

* Mathis, Johnny – Portrait – WITH PORTRAIT

* Mandrill

Meatloaf – Bat Out of Hell

* Morrison, Van – Astral Weeks (with W7 label), Moondance (original ONLY), Best of (WB)

* Freda Payne

Peppermint Trolly

*** Persuasions – Toubo’s Song, Right Around the Corner, JERRY LAWSON & TALK OF THE TOWN

* Petty, Tom – Into the Great Wide Open, Echo, Last DJ, Wildflowers, She’s the One, Greatest Hits

Pink Flyod – whatcha got?

* Police – The Singles

* Poco – Good Feeling (with insert)

Presley, Elvis – His Hand in Mine (ALL SILVER RCA label “STEREO” on label – NOT Living Stereo)

* Queen – Best Of, 1st, 2nd (originals only)

* Ramp

* Rush – 2010

Seger, Bob – Brand New Morning, Noah, Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man (original Capitol)

* Sills, Judy

Simon and Garfunkel’s Best, and almost any MONO

* Simone, Nina – most but especially * I Put a Spell On You, LP w/ Funkier Than Mosquito’s Tweeter (Stereo Preferred)

Sinatra, Frank – Main Event

STEWART, JOHN – Lonesome Picker Rides Again (UK release!! on Sunstorm)

* Sunny and the Sunglows/Sunliners – Smile Now, Cry Later

T-Rex – Beard of Stars, Best Of

Turtles – ESPECIALLY Happy Together

Vaughn, Stevie Ray – almost anything, especially * In Style, * Greatest, *  Sky is Falling, Live *

Walsh, Joe – what do ya got?

* Young, Neil - *** Heart of Gold (S/T), Tonight’s the Night (complete only), On the Beach, Harvest, Everyone Knows This is Nowhere, and almost ANY with a two-color label, or PROMOS

* Zanies (Dore 321)

* Zombies – All originals







Dee Felice Trio

Davis, Miles– Live Evil (original), E.S.P., Bitches Brew (what else ya got?)

Getz, Stan– With Bill Evans

Gilberto, Astrud – Windy

Hancock, Herbie – Maiden Voyage, Empryan Isles, Thrust, Headhunters

Ahmad Jahmahl – Awakening



* Kentucky Colonels – Most stereos (especially Appalachian Swing red vinyl on World Pacific)

* Louvin Brothers – Satan is Real

* Moore and Napier – Country Music Goes to Vietnam (King 982)

* OLD AND IN THE WAY (round)



Road Racers (A&M – British release only (??), ***CD only), Ennio Morricone Westerns (whatcha got?), Body Heat, * Banana Splits, * In Like Flint, * Fathom, * Modesty Blaise, * Music to Watch James Bond By 2, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, * Christmas with Charlie Brown, * Shotgun Assassin, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Never Ending Story, * PHANTOM OF THE OPERA *


HEAVY METAL – Skid Row, Judas Priest, ORIGINAL (and complete) Kiss



Randy California

U2 – whatcha got?

Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow (on Oyster)

John Fahey – especially Vol. 6 WITH INSERTS, but originals only

Lou Reed – 1st with Crown Cover (RCA), Transformer

Prince – Sign of the Times (and what else ya got?)

Roxy Music – 1st LP, 2nd LP, Country Life (what else ya got?)

* Turtles – whatcha got?

Bob Dylan – Hard Rain, Hwy 61, Shot of Love, Before the Flood

Cat Stevens – Greatest Hits, both volumes

King Crimson-????

Otis Redding-Dock Of The Bay (whatelseyagot?)

Sly & Family Stone- (whatchagot???)

BB King’s Best

Thin Lizzie-From Nightlife back to 1st

Talking Heads-Stop Making Sense

Kraftwerk-(Watcha Got???)

Dr. John-whatchagot??

*Hendrix-whatcha got???  Originals only

Van Zandt, Townes-originals only

Simon, Paul-Rhythm Of The Saints

Professor Longhair

Sun Ra





Website – Americanpierecords.com                                       Email – Vinyldr@aol.com


Morning Dew (Roulette)

Impala Syndrome

Floating Bridge


*Joan Jett and Runaways/Blackhearts

*Rocky Fellers-Killer Joe (Stereo ONLY)

*Lesley Gore’s Best-(2 LP set on Rhino)

*Springfield, Dusty Wishing And Hoping

Id – Inner Sounds Of

Incredible Bongo Band

HMS Bounty

Keyes, Bobby – on Capricorn(??)

Meters – most

Brian Eno – most



Velvet Underground-most

Love –most


Neighborhood Children

Lennon, John-Mind Games (Apple)

Lollipop Shoppe


Bohemian Vendetta

Savage Resurrection

*Amboy Dukes-Journey to Center of the Mind

   (Mono OR Stereo), Tooth Fang and Claw

*Ted Nugent0-Double Gonzo Live

*Waits, Tom-most Raindogs,Bone Machine

Walker, Scott/Walker Bros.-originals only

Chocolate Watchband

Hazelwood, Lee-most

Dennis Wilson-(most)

David Bowie- Man Who Sold The World

  (w/poster), Low, Diamond Dogs, Ziggy (etc),

  Changes 1&2

*Grateful Dead-Bear’s Choice (Best Of), Anthem Of

  The Sun, Aoxomoxa, Terrapin Station,Europe ‘72

   Shakedown Street, Dylan and The Dead, Without

   A Net, In The Dark, American Beauty, Steal Your

   Face, What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been,


Buckley, Tim-Starsailor



  *Dot Label Artists: (Stereo Preferred)

    Big Sky Singers

    Judy Bright

*Mississippi John Hurt

*Mississippi Fred McDowell (Capitol)

*Judy Henske-(whatcha got????)

*Ramblin’ Jack Elliot

*Joan Baez- In The Bullring

*Weavers-Reunion At Carnegie Hall 1962 (Vanguard)

*Terry Gilyksen &Easy Riders-Rollin-STEREO ONLY

*Carolyn Hester-Columbia (Stereo ONLY)

*Highlights 1972 Kerrville Folk Fesival

*Allen Damron Live at Kerrville 1972

Skifflers-Folk Songs (Perfect PS14015)STEREO ONLY



Bob Marley - Uprising (more???  Whatcha got???)

*Inner Circle – with Bad Boys


AUDIOPHILE-whatcha got???

    Getz and Gilberto-Girl From Ipanema

    Rolling Stones-Sticky Fingers

    *Beatles (NOT Box set)

    *C,S, N,&Y-Déjà Vu (MoFi)

    *Pink Floyd The Wall




      Sean Connery/Janet Monro-Pretty Irish Girl

      Fred McMurray-Flubber/Serendipity (w/Annette picture)

      Monsanto Presents Miracles From Molecules

      Moochie &3 Other Songs from TV show

      Songs from Toby Tyler

      Mousketeers-(DBR 71) 78 O.K, also


    *45s without picture sleeves

      Johnny Shiloh

      Wellingtons-Scarecrow Of Romney Marsh


        Sherman Brothers-Tinpanorama (BV 3330)

        Elliot Bros. and Tony Paris-Date Night At

           Disneyland (WDL3035)









Website – Americanpierecords.com                                       Email – Vinyldr@aol.com

For those of you who don’t know me, I am an avid collector of the Kingston Trio, John Stewart, and Harry Chapin.  Please contact me if you have any kind of memorabilia for these artists.  I’m always looking to add to my collection.  I am interested in vinyl ONLY (LPs, unless noted, stereo original American pressings preferred, but will consider mono) for the sound items, except for the starred (**) pieces below which I understand are only on CD.  DO NOT send me auction lists – either you know what you have and what you want for it, or you don’t.



4 Ekkos-Hand In Hand (on Label)

4 Js-Here I Am Broken Hearted

BLAZERS-Beaver Patrol (Acree)

Calendars-One Week Romance

Chiyo and the Crescents

Conrad and The Hurricane Strings – original preferred but will take Era release

Crossfires-Fiberglass Jungle

Dennis Wilson and Rumbo – The Sound of Free/Lady (Stateside…U.K. only)

Faithfull, Marianne – Something Better (London 1022)

Five Discs-Never Let You Go


Imps-That’ll Get It (DoRaMe or Scepter)                                             PRIORITY ON ALL OF THIS 45 LIST!!!!!!!

Masters – Breaktime (Emmy 1008)

Nelson, Rick-COLORED VINYL on Stardust or Imperial label

Night Rangers-Cotton Pickers

Performers-I’ll Make You Understand

RESOLUTIONS-January 1, 1962 (Valentine)

Chan Romero

SHERIFF JOHN – Birthday Song or ANYTHING I don’t have!!! (OR EPs)

Tom Hall – Stacka Records




Kingston Trio - Greenback Dollar (Capitol 4898)-American issue ONLY, Scotch and Soda, Welgrume Customers

Chad and Jeremy – What Do Ya Want With Me

Carol Connors-Lonely Little Beach Girl

Annette-Meeting At The Malt Shop,Computer Wore Tennis Shoes


EPs w/sleeves….Angels on Caprice, Chuck Willis (Atlantic 617), Second Annette , Ricky Nelson (on Decca NOT the juke box issue), Louvin Brothers (Satan Is Real), Jan and Arnie


MORE 45s – Original ONLY – PROBably no promos, but let me know - ALL Below are Priority!!!!

DAMERON, DONNA - Bopper 606885 (Dart 113) w/kit

DERBYS - Night After Night

ELEGANTS - Wake Up (Laurie)

High Fives - Dorothy

Lil’ Roger and Fabulous Vets (Teen 918)

STORYTELLERS – Sit and Hold My Hand, Please Remember My Love



Records for my brother:

Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon  - The Explosive Freddy Cannon (1960, Swan 502), Freddy Cannon's Solid Gold Hits (1961, Swan 505), Steps Out (Swan 511)

David Seville - Witch Doctor LP



Sheb Wooley Purple People Eater, Chan Romero, Arch Hall Jr., Royal Teens (on Power-origina press ONLY)


For Me:

The 1958 single (Power Records label) with Short Shorts on it

Badfinger – Straight Up

Flying Machine – Smile a little smile for me

Looking Glass – Brandy

2 copies of Happy Together LP by The Turtles

2 copies of Ides of March Common Bond and Vehicle album

Grateful Dead - Workingman's Dead, Grateful Dead (also known as Skull and Roses), Europe 72, In The Dark, Skeletons From The Closet

2 copies of The Zombies Begin Here album

2 copies of The Zombies The Zombies album

2 copies of The Zombies Odessey and Oracle album

Easybeats-Friday on my Mind

Cooper, Alice- Killer, School’s Out, Billion Dollar Babies (complete & original Only)

Young, Neil –  Heart Of Gold, Best of

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II, III, IV, Houses Of The Holy

2 copies of The Amboy Dukes by The Amboy Dukes 1967

 Journey to the Center of the Mind is the second studio album released by The Amboy Dukes. It was released in April 1968 on Mainstream Records (stereo S/6112, mono 56112 (promo only)).

Tooth Fang & Claw Released 1974 on DiscReet Records




"Listening to a CD is like watching a pornographic movie.....
Listening to vinyl is like actually having sex!!!"